Proven Comprehensive Treatment and Resource Recovery for Livestock Waste

Cleaner farms…Cleaner water…Cleaner air…Better economics

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Excess Nutrients

A Global

US EPA calls excess nutrients one of the greatest water quality problems in the U.S. today. Dead Zones, toxic algae blooms, and contaminated wells and aquifers occur with greater frequency. Livestock waste is a leading cause… read more

Bion Platform


Bion has developed and proven its technology platform that provides comprehensive environmental treatment of livestock waste and recovers value-added nutrients, renewable energy, and clean water from the waste… read more

Win-Win Solution

Local and
Downstream Benefits

Direct treatment of livestock waste creates dramatic savings in downstream clean water costs and produces local economic and environmental benefits that cannot be achieved through downstream treatment options… read more

Policy Change

New Clean
Water Strategy

Escalating clean water costs and declining water quality are the symptoms of a failing clean water strategy. Policy change that engages the private sector and focuses on cost-effective spending is gaining broad support… read more

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